Article by G.Fomenko, M.Fomenko, K.Loshadkin and A.Mikhailova "Accounting and assessment of ecosystem services of the Novokuznetsk coal mining region" was published in the peer-reviewed journal "Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences". No. 3/2019

The article shows that territories of active mining are traditionally developed due to the income from the extraction and processing of mineral resources. At the same time, ecosystems of such territories are an important source of human well-being. The search for a compromise between two sources of territory development - abiotic and ecosystem services - is one of the main tasks of sustainable development of regions of active mining. In this article, ecosystem and abiotic services of the coal mining region of the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation were evaluated and compared in physical and monetary terms. The results of the economic assessment of ecosystem and abiotic services are shown to be an important part the effectiveness analysis of the existing spatial organization of environmental management in terms of the sustainability of the territory development.