Meeting of leading experts of Cadaster Institute with the secretariat of the Earth Charter was held at the University for Peace (Costa Rica)

The participants of the meeting discussed the results of the work of Cadaster Institute on promoting the principles of the Earth Charter and further interactions between Cadaster Institute and the Earth Charter Initiative.

Since 2016, Cadaster Institute is a partner of the Earth Charter Initiative and supports its efforts to foster a transition to a sustainable lifestyle and environmental ethics. We promote the principles of the Earth Charter and the Sustainable Development Goals within a wide range of research, design and consulting projects.

We contribute to better social development and environmental sustainability of local communities – our company develops strategies and territorial programs that ensure sustainable development, prepares environmental reports and ecological atlases of territories, and conducts an economic assessment of natural resources and ecosystem services. 

Cadaster Institute prepares sustainability reporting, corporate non-financial and carbon reporting, conduct environmental damage assessments, measure and assess environmental and health risks for the development of a sustainable and responsible business.

Experts of Cadaster Institute integrate the ideas of the Earth Charter into the education process at universities from Bachelor to Master degree. 

We promote the ideas of the Earth Charter, the principles of sustainable development, the concept of green economy not only in Russia but also in other countries – in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, etc. We implement the fundamental principles of the Earth Charter in our books, articles, trainings, webinars.

Representatives of the Secretariat of the Earth Charter appreciated the work of Cadaster Institute and emphasized the importance of promoting the principles of the Earth Charter in civil society, businesses and governments. The parties agreed on further cooperation that will strengthen the interaction of organizations and contribute to the mutual capacity development.